New set up

Decided to make an impulse buy on the weekend and set myself up with a beach rig. To date, I have mainly been using two 7ft rigs, one for plastics and one for bait fishing / squid jigging rated at 2-4kg and 3-6kg respectively. They have been doing their job quite well, but I have been planning to tackle the Jewfish in the coming winter months and obviously my existing rigs won’t cut it. I have purchased a 12ft Daiwa Heartland Surf (15-30lb):

Daiwa Heartland Surf

and a 4500 Shimano Baitrunner:

Shimano Baitrunner 4500

The baitrunner has an useful concept of having two drags, the bottom drag is set loose so that the fish is free take the bait (hence the term, baitrunner), and when you are ready to set the hook, you can just start winding and it will initiate the top drag which will be set at a tighter tension. The tackle store also threw in some line with the combo, some Daiwa Samurai mono line:

Daiwa Samurai mono

I will be using some Jinkai 40lb as leader. I will put up some future posts on my progress