Trevally at Clifton Gardens (03-Aug-2009)

Apologies for the delay between posts. I have a few backdated posts coming up.
Took a Monday off work to go fish with my old man. Strangely enough, there were already people there and more came after we arrived. It is always quite hard to get front spot on the wharf as it seems to be the best position. We eventually got there after some people left. We fished from about 12pm – 4pm and it was tough going most of the time but there were bursts of Silver Trevally every now and then. We managed to catch about 15 in total, most about the 25cm size with two keeps at around 33 – 35cm.

Trevally at Clifton Gardens

All were caught on small bits of cut up yellowtail. Trevally, pound for pound, one of the best fighters so make sure you have some heavier line if you intend to target them! By 4pm, the whole wharf was filled with people, quite ridiculous on a Monday really. Not the most comfortable place if you’re looking for a quiet fish.