Squid in the 'Gong (Easter Monday)

Decided to take the girlfriend down to Wollongong for a day trip for the Easter Monday holiday. Secretly snuck a rod and a squid jig in the car. Had a walk down to the main beach and there were lots of people there having a fish. Not much was being caught as the weather was fairly wild and windy. Decided to give the squid a go where the boats were moored. Caught a squid and cuttlefish in quick succession before it was time to go. I used a new jig that my brother bought from Japan called Dartmax. It has a reflective metallic head with a cloth body. Seems to work quite well and gives the Yozuris a good run for its money.

Squid caught from Wollongong

Cuttlefish caught from Wollongong

All in all, a fun day. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get out of Sydney for a day/weekend trip.

Fishing in Wollongong