Squid and baitfish (27-Sep-11)

So, it has been a long time between drinks (fishing posts), for which I must apologise for. In between planning a wedding, getting married, changing jobs and a honeymoon, I have been able to get in some good fishing but have not had time to add posts. Now that I have some time on my hands, I have a large backlog of posts to get through.

A beautiful day for fishing full of sunshine and not a drop of wind. Unfortunately experience tells me that not much tends to show up when it is dead calm. We were lucky enough to hook up on a school of baitfish.

School of baitfish

I put the bait rod away and tried to hit some squid for the rest of the afternoon. It took ages, but I managed to get the one, just a little tiddler. Notice that I used the small squid jig. I tend to find that there are a lot more squid in the hotter months, but they are smaller, so I generally put the large jig away.