Action is heating up.. finally

Went for a quick few hours on Saturday for a fish. There did not seem to be any bait fish around, despite heavy berleying. Decided to drop the bait (which was a tiny piece of pilchard) down to the bottom to see what was down there. Hit a pretty decent sized fish and winding it up I thought it was a trevally as they fight hard for their size. To my surprise it was a legal size bream!

bream in Sydney

Got a bit quiet for a while, so I decided to berley again, using a yellowtail caught a while ago. I guess the smell got out there, as I noticed after I threw the remaining bits of the fish, a big southern calamari jumped on it. My mate and I casted some squid jigs out there hoping to catch it, but to no avail. I decided to change the rig over to a barb jig using a yellowtail and after a good 15 mins jigging, I was on! Strong pulling indicated that it was a large squid. Unfortunately it slipped off quite a few times as it was too heavy, before my mate was able to tie a jig on and use the jig to hook it on the side and we brought it up together. Here’s the result of our catch:

Big calamari in Sydney

and here’s a pic of it in the water as I was scared that I would lose it and no one would believe me 🙂

Calamari in Sydney waters

Looking at how beautiful the water is makes me glad that I am able to fish in Sydney’s waters. All in all, a good day’s catch for a few hours. The fishing must be heating up along with the weather. Looking forward to a long summer’s worth of fishing.