Bream and Squid (26-Sep-11)

The start of my week off work and with an early start, we target whatever bites. Started off throwing the jig around, to my surprise, I am able to attract a small calamari. After a few goes at it, finally latches on and I’m on to this beauty:


Expecting it to school squid after catching one on the first cast, I was disappointed to find that there was just that one on offer! I put the jig away and put on a plastic to fish the shallows. There were a few bites on offer and after a few casts I was able to hook up a few undersized bream, measuring about 20cm:


Amazing to see so many fish in the shallows. It wouldn’t have been much more than 2m deep where I could see to the bottom. The fish were hiding amongst the seaweed.