Squid on a barb (19-Jan-08)

Went for an early morning session down at the Hacking. Arrived at the bait grounds with lots of yellowtail about. There was not much else apart from the occasional tailor or bream. Tried a yellowtail for live bait. The bait got smashed after about 5 mins; not sure by what, but the top half got chomped, either by a squid or crab. I left the other half out there and on another rod, put a yellowtail on a barb and threw that out hoping to score a squid. A dead weight jumped on to the half bait, which I thought was a crab, but after pulling it in, realised it was a squid! That bait was on a single hook, so I quickly wound back the squid on a barb and did a swap and landed this squid.

Squid on a barb

Took some bait off to try at Bass and Flinders Point for nothing.