A fine spring day.

Went down with a mate to Port Hacking, beautiful weather and high tide, perfect conditions. There were tons of yellowtail which we caught a few of and put these on live for no result at all. As my mate had to leave at about 4pm, we decided to give the squid jigs a go. My mate found a few small ones (about the size of our palm) floating around but were very timid. He was finally able to bring one up after much jigging. I decided to change over to a day time Yo-zuri jig and I was able to catch one on my second cast.

Squid caught in Port Hacking on a day time jig

We put one on live, for no result yet again. Live squid! And not one single bite! I think we will have to start taking some of our livies to the beach, or down to Lilli Pilli.