A couple of squid (20-Dec-09)

Went down to Port Hacking  warm yet windy summer day. The fish were hard to come by as the lines were going all over the place due to the wind.  Our baits were getting smashed by some peckers, possibly small snapper. Decided to change tactics and put on some hardy squid instead. The squid lasted a lot longer than the fish baits, but were still getting taken by the small ones. We managed to catch a 20-25cm whiting on a thin strip of squid:


Then went on to my secret spot for some squid, and managed 5 in quick time. Caught the two bigger ones first on a bigger jig, then found some small ones that were following but not biting on. Changed over to a small jig and managed to hook the 3 small ones:


You can see from the green eyes of the smaller ones, they are calamari (as opposed to arrow squid). All the action died down when it hit low tide.