Bumper Kingfish (12-Nov-12)

A warm Spring day and there were plenty of bait fish about to keep us busy. We launched a few for live bait with not much luck but remained patient and hopeful. After a decent half hour wait, we were on! The line was peeling off the reel at a rapid rate which suggested a king. Fortunately it was on the big rod. After a decent 10 minute fight, we brought up this monster, fortunately we had a solid net with us to bring it in.

First blackfish of the season (27-Oct-12)

A few hours before sunset, we gave one of our favourite fishing spots for catching blackfish a quick go. Blustery conditions but our floats remained still enough to attract a fish. After not too long a wait, we were on! We fortunately brought a net with us as the fish was around 30cm, and the blackfish get heavy at that size! Only the one for the day.

Desperate for weed (20-Oct-12)

Seaweed that is.. So after daylight savings comes around, we like to head down to the closest river after work before sunset to try for some blackfish. The hard part is trying to find seaweed for bait. We searched around some drains and it looks like the local council may have treated the areas to get rid of the weed. We saw some weed hanging off a branch near a drain but was fenced off and out of reach.

Big Trevally (16-Oct-12)

Hoping to catch more of the bream that we did the previous week, we went in with the same game plan. The day was windier and the bream were gone. They seem to like the calmer conditions, most probably due to less disturbance on your line. Towards the end of the day, we hooked up on this corker of a trevally at around the 35cm mark! Pound for pound they fight a lot harder than bream, and you can normally tell by the circular motion they make in the water as you are bringing them up.

Bream galore (8-Oct-12)

Our first session in spring and it was fantastic weather. Conditions were perfect, warm and not a drop of wind. First cast with a small piece of bait, not much seemed to be biting, but after a few minute wait I was on to a legal bream! Thereafter we hooked up two more legal bream and missed out on three even bigger ones as they slipped off. Not much on but bream that day, not complaining though!

Lucky salmon (20-Aug-12)

The cold weather was really drying up the bait fish, meaning we didn’t really have any bait for the larger species. While trying to catch the baitfish, with small pieces of pilchard, we hooked on to something big! This was on 6 pound mainline and 8 pound trace. It was clearly a salmon after it took a few jumps as we were winding him in. It took about ten minutes but we finally brought it in, having to beach it.

Huge arrow squid (29-Jul-12)

The fishing action had firmly died down in the past few weeks and we were unable to even get the one fish this time. We brought out the jigs again and hit this beauty on the first few casts. It was an arrow squid but measured 30cm, definitely our largest arrow squid to date.

Bream and squid (22-Jul-12)

Another freezing winter’s day. Fortunately the sun was out making it mildly pleasant, but that didn’t help with the wind. There were no fish in sight, not even a touch for a few hours. After waiting patiently, we were able to tempt a legal bream! We brought out the jigs later on and we were able to get two good size arrow squid after a handful of casts. Again, no school of squid that we had been seeing regularly in the summer months.

Squid and baitfish (8-Jul-12)

Freezing conditions and an early sunset have cut short our fishing trips, but we had a few hours before a 5pm sunset. I was able to hook up a few squid after a few goes, but only the two. One of them being a tiny calamari, a good sign for the months ahead. They don’t seem to school as much as in the summer. Towards sunset, we were able to get a few baitfish, a mixture of yellowtail and pilchards.

A big southern calamari! (24-Jun-12)

The weather had been dropping rapidly in the past weeks and I had no real interest in catching fish so I concentrated on the squid. I put on a slightly larger jig around a 2.5 and a couple of casts later, I felt a large pull. The souther calamari are a lot larger than the arrow squid and you can tell from the fight when you have one on. After a quick tussle, I pulled up this beauty: