Soft Plastics session on Georges River

Atrocious weather for the last two weeks, and so I have not been able to get out for a decent fish of late. The rain was a bit on and off today, so being better safe than sorry we decided to have a quick session down under the Captain Cook’s bridge. I decided not to get my hands dirty on bait, so I gave the soft plastics a go. I recently bought a new pack of Berkley Gulp! 2 inch Sandworms. You may recall my last post about catching on plastics, we used the 6 inch sandworms cut in half. I guess the guys at Berkley may have realised the larger sized worms a bit too hard to cast and the need to cut the sandworms would warrant the release of a smaller size. Here is what they look like:

Berkley Gulp!

I put on a 1/32 oz Nitro jig head and started to jig. Action was quiet, but my brother managed to score a few yellowtail and bream on pilchards. After about half an hour, it started to school chopper tailor, all about the 20cm range. The tailor went crazy over the worm and basically smashed it each time on hitting the water. Here is a picture of one of the ones I caught (apologies for the picture quality, didn’t have my camera with me):

Tailor on Soft Plastics

All up, I caught about 15 in succession cast after cast, until the worm started to rip due to the sharp teeth of these feisty tailer. My brother only managed about 3 in that time, so maybe the claim that Berkley makes about outfishing bait is true after all! Anyway, it’s a different ballgame with other species like bream. I hope to report on more soft plastics in the near future.