School Holiday Fun (18-Dec-10)

It was the first weekend of the school holidays so I decided to take my cousin for a day out. We initially went to the park to have a kick of the footy, but decided to for a fish, something he had not since he was about 3 years old (currently 11). We dusted off the yabby pump, but couldn’t find the rubber part and the washer! So we raced down to K-mart for a quick purchase. Low tide was at 1:30pm, and we got to our yabby spot at about 2pm. An hour’s worth of pumping and we were armed with about 20 yabbies.


It was quite back-breaking stuff, so if you’re not up for the hard toil, I’d suggest going to the bait and tackle store where they sell for about 50c each. We drove down to the south side of Captain Cook Bridge where we were hoping to get a bit of shelter if the rain hit. It was ridiculously windy but at least the weather held up after a brief storm. We found a secure rock that was sheltered from the wind and set up camp there.

Waiting for the fish

The first four casts and my cousin was on to a mix of bream, snapper and whiting. All were well undersized so they were released safely.


Towards the end, the action slowed as we headed towards high tide. There were no keepers to show of this time around, but the fishing was good enough to keep a kid occupied for the day!