Georges River Bream (12-Dec-2009)

It was a sunny yet windy Saturday afternoon, hoping to catch some Blackfish with dad before sunset. Got to our spot at around 5:30pm with about 1 and a half hours for our session. Brought our green weed out only to find that it had gone off! Did not expect to have any hits on it, but gave it a go anyway. After about half an hour of inactivity, dad decided to change over to some bread under the float in hope for some bream. On his second cast, the float went under and he was on! Dad called it to be something legal and after a short fight, brought up this legal Bream at about 30cm:

Georges River Bream

Just to prove that where there’s fish, there’s water, the bream was caught in about no more than 2 metres of water and only about 3 metres out from shore. Not much else for the rest of the time there.