Been with my old man down to Georges River to catch some blackfish (sorry I have been asked to keep this spot to myself). It is a completely different style of fishing, and requires a bit more finesse. The set up is quite different (I will post some pics in the near future) and just about the only bait that will work is green weed (or cabbage). They like to stick around structures and along weed beds so you can get them quite close to the wharves and pylons. There are some special hooks call “sneck” hooks which are green in colour and fairly small as the blackfish have quite small mouths. A fairly strong leader is required as the fish get quite heavy and alot they do not swim off like other fish, they flap around as you bring them up to the surface and can easily snap you off. Here’s a few pics of some that my brother caught a few weeks back.

Blackfish at Georges River

And here’s the most recent one I caught. I didn’t have the measuring tape so put my thong down as a reference measure, which was 30cm.

Blackfish from Georges River