Legal Snapper (25-Apr-2011)

The weather has been terrible of late but that didn’t stop us from going for a quick fishing session! The rain was coming and going but only a drizzle each time, enough for it to be uncomfortable. The wind was in our face and the fish were hard to come by. There were a few fish snapping on the surface, which looked like bonito, but we could not seem to attract their attention. I tried some new plastics to come out on the market that my brother suggested called Izumi by River2sea.

Izumi soft plastic

After about 50 or so casts, I felt some weight and I was on! It was something decent, albeit small. After a short fight, I saw colour and it was a Watson’s Leaping Bonito! Unfortunately, as I was winding it up, my join knot broke! so I lost the lot, jig head, plastic and lead! I used the Albright knot to join the braid to the fluoro lead, which was a big improvement casting wise, but I obviously did not tie it on properly. I have now changed over to the Improved Albright knot. Hopefully that will hold when a bigger fish gets hooked!

It went quiet for the rest of the day, up until the very end where we managed our first legal snapper at just a touch over 30 cm!