Slimy Mackerel back in town! (30-Apr-2011)

Went with dad in the morning for what we were hoping would be a dry few hours. The rain was bucketing down as we were driving there and we were thinking about turning back. We went on and to our surprise, the weather cleared as we hit our spot! Within the first couple of casts, something substantial hit us at speed! It was a slimy mackerel, the first in a while! While we were hoping there’d be a whole school of them around, we were disappointed to find that it was the only one of the day, probably just passing by! Towards the end of the day, we were hit by another steam train! we thought it was a slimy again, but this one had more of a fight to it, as it turned out to be a legal tailor. Don’t get many of these fishing from the shore!

Slimy Mackerel and Tailor