Bank Holiday weekend Part 2 (1-Aug-11)

Fortunate enough to have Bank Holiday off, I accompanied dad to try to target some larger species.  Unfortunately, we were only able to hook up the one squid the day before. The bait fish were hard to come by and our cubed baits were not getting any attention. My squid was also thrown out but remained untouched for the good part of 20 minutes. I was able to hook up a cuttlefish and decided to throw it out live while keeping the squid as a spare. I passed the squid to dad who threw it out and in the matter of a few minutes, he was on! The fish took him sideways and was heading towards the boat, but he was able to steer it clear. After a trademark leap out of the water, it was clear that the fish was a salmon. After a good 5 minute fight, we brought up this beauty at about 65cm.