Nice by-catches (24-Jan-10)

Went for a quick afternoon fish down on the Port Hacking on an overcast Sunday. The water was surprisingly calm and the weather was great for fishing. There weren’t many fish on the bite, only the occasional small tailor. Switched over to soft plastics for a while without much success. On one retrieval, I had a dead weight on it, in which I thought was a crab. Left it down there for a while longer and it came on again and latched on with the unmistakable pumping action of a squid. Grabbed a squid jig and changed over as the squid dropped of the plastic, and hooked up a nice small calamari. Switched over to bait hoping to get some baitfish. Hooked on to what I thought was a large bait fish, until it took off! After a short fight, up came my first Morwong! It went just legal at 31cm

Morwong and Squid