Leather Jacket (8-Jan-11)

I had decided to make the most of my summer days and go fish early in the morning. I had some left over yabbies from the day before, which also included strangely enough, a blood worm!


I reached my destination at about 8am in the morning and went straight out with the yabbies. There were plenty of bites albeit small ones, that wouldn’t even take my small whiting sized long shank hooks. I decided to go a bit more shallow with my bait and saw a couple of big leather jackets chasing my yabby! One proceeded to chew off the bait without quite easily as they have small mouths. After wasting half of the yabbies to realise that they were leather jackets, I changed to the smallest hook I had and caught this beauty that measured about 29cm. Released safely back in to the water.

Leather Jacket