Dolan's Bay

Went down for a quick fish on high tide at Dolan’s Bay. Water was amazingly clear after a few days of sunshine, and the weather was overcast. Tried an array of baits including yellowtail, squid, prawns and even soft plastics and hard body lures. There were plenty of fish around, mainly small ones though. Dad got smoked by something that took him out about 50 metres and snapped the hook off. Would have been over a kilo whatever it was, possibly a small kingfish or fairly big tailor. Saw a guy come along to catch two quick squid, but none for the rest of the day. Just as we were about to leave, dad hooked on to something heavy yet fairly motionless. Surprised to see that it was the biggest ever leather jacket I have ever seen. The fish was well over 30cm and weighed about a kilo.

Leather Jacket at Dolan’s Bay