Trip up north (1-Jun-08)

First of all, apologies for the delay with the posts, been quite busy with work. Went with the family for a trip up to Cairns. The weather was fantastic, averaging about 27 degrees for the week while it was raining all week down in Sydney. Hired a Tarago and headed up to jetty at Palm Cove where I heard the fishing was tops. Here’s a picture of the jetty

Fishing at Palm Cove jetty

There were plenty of fish around, biting anything that was on offer. We took a bag of pilchards and had plenty of hook ups on small trevally at about 20cm

Trevally at Palm Cove

We used these as live bait, and one had half the body chomped off. Did not know what it was, but was guessing it was shark of some sort. The next day we went back to the jetty again to try our luck. Again there were plenty of trevally. Caught quite a few on plastics as well. We threw one out live and left it out for a while. After about a 20 min wait, the line took a big run to the left. We were using 10lb braid on a 4-8kg Daiwa Heartland rod, but we were no chance. The run eventually wrapped us around the pole and we got snagged on the oyster shells. No idea on what the fish was, possibly a shark, queenie or a spanish mackerel. As a consolation, the last cast of the day, we caught a nice hairtail.

Hairtail at Palm Cove