Royal National Park

Went with an old work mate last week (14/10/07) for a fish at the Royal National Park. Was never really a fan of rock fishing due to the danger and potentially wet conditions and also the regular loss of tackle. It was a fine spring day with the weather fairly calm. The trek down to our destination was quite a struggle, especially with the gear we took down. It seemed like a very popular place to fish as there were quite a few people down there already. I used the usual paternoster rig without success as the waves seemed to be smashing it all over the place. The guys next to us caught a fairly big blackfish on, of all things, prawns. My guess was that it was about 30cm and weighed 1kg. It was fairly quiet for the rest of us, I changed over to a float rig hoping to avoid the snags, and my mates persisted with the paternoster. One of them eventually hooked on to something. I have been told this is a red groper, as we can tell from the rubbery lips.

Red Groper caught from Royal National Park

Apparently fantastic eating, and my mate agreed. I didn’t catch anything too much on the day, a couple of lousy sweep, nothing I couldn’t have managed at the estuaries. All in all, a good day out. Good to experience a different type of fishing, and I hope to expand my knowledge in this area in the near future!