First catch on a soft plastic

Went for a quick fish down at Port Hacking and only brought squid jigs and soft plastics. Fairly new to the game of soft plastics but I have been very impressed with reading about the results of using them so I decided to give them a go myself. I bought a whole lot of different ones. I have two packs of Berkley Gulps and a few packs of Ecogear after a few recommendations from the guys down at BCF. I gave the Bug Ants a go. Here’s what they look like:

Bug Ants from Ecogear

Flicked it around for a bit and had a few hits which felt like small bream. Then I let it drag the bottom for a bit and jigged slowly and hooked up. Felt quite slow in its movement and fairly small. At first I thought it was either a sting ray or flathead but was surprised to see that it was a flounder:

Flounder from Port Hacking

A fair bit smaller than the previous one I caught, measured about 22cm so it was safely released. Jigged around for a bit more and to my surprise, saw a small squid latch on to it. Unfortunately I was not able to put a squid jig on quick enough before it lost interest on the soft plastic.