Nice Flathead (22-Feb-2011)

We went in the late afternoon in hope for some sunset activity. We tried a few live baits without success, but they were quite hard to catch, suggesting that there may have been a few big fish about. All of a sudden one of our baits got hit by something substantial, with a familiar Zzzzzzzzzz. Dad picked it up and wound in as fast as he could, as he had experienced a few bust ups recently. As it came up, we identified it as a king! It measured about 60cm. As it neared the platform, it wrapped us around the pole and there was no getting out! So close yet so far, as it lived up to its reputation as a dirty fighter! There was not much for the rest of the day, but late in the day, another short burst. Different to the hookup on the king, it turned out to be a nice flathead at about 50cm!