Flathead and Flounder (9-Feb-13)

After watching a few guys catch a few flounder last week, we decided to give it a go ourselves. We figured it was flounder season so we changed our rigs to keep the bait at the bottom. The rig was a running sinker straight down to the hook and we used the fresh squid in strips that we had caught the previous week. So it was flounder season indeed as we hooked up on two in quick succession. These were decent size ones at about 30cm. They are fantastic tasting fish cooked in the style of deep fried salt and pepper (check it out at your local Chinese restaurant if you haven’t tried!). As a tip, use circle hooks and they will hook the lip perfectly to allow for easy hook removal. The gameplan of keeping the bait at the bottom was able to attract a nice by-catch of a decent sized salmon as well at about the 40cm mark.

Flathead and flounder