Keeper bream on a special recipe (19-Jan-11)

I took a few days off work for some summer fishing and for dad’s birthday. I decided to try a special recipe in search for a bumper bream. We didn’t have any tuna oil, so we opted for the next best thing: dough mixed with a can of John West (the best!) but it ended up quite smelly. We started bright and early, and it was surprisingly windy. My dad put a live bait out and was taken by a big run! The line snapped at the swivel on 10lb line, possibly due to the rocky bottom. There was not much else on the live baiting, so I switched over to the secret dough. The disadvantage was that the dough would shatter on first bite, so it was all or nothing! After many casts and lots of undersized bream, I pulled up a keeper bream at 27cm: