"Last Cast" theory – Bonito! (12-Sep-11)

So my brother and I always joke around about the “last cast”. What happens is, when we have to pick up our respective partners, or have to go to work, or dinner etc, we call out the last cast before we leave, in hope of a lucky last minute catch. We have done this many times over, more memorable catches being some nice sized calamari, some keeper bream and mullet and even the odd blue swimmer crab!

Dad and I started at about noon and after about 4 or so hours of fishing, absolutely nothing! Zilch! Not even a friendly leather jacket! I have to be honest in saying I had never experienced such conditions. When it hit about 5pm, we were able to catch two yellowtail and nothing else after! The two we put on as live bait. By this time, the sun was going down and called for the last cast. After about a 5 minute wait, we were on! Unbelievably a 45cm Bonito on last cast: