Mixed bag (07-Mar-2011)

I took a Monday off for time in lieu and went early morning with dad. The weather was beautiful albeit quite windy. There was a bit of splashing about to suggest a few fish were about. We fish for a few hours without much luck, until we hit the familiar dead weight of a crab. It turned out to be quite a big dinner sized crab! After that, we were on again, with the usual bumps on a snapper or bream. It was confirmed as a keeper bream measuring near 30cm! I then saw some splashing near the shallow water and quickly went over with a live bait. Dropped it near by and felt the hit. It then took off like a rocket! But was only a short burst. I sensed it was a bonito and was proven right after a 3 minute fight. Great fight on a small rod! It measured about 45cm.

Squid and Bream