Big blue swimmer (26-09-10)

I headed to down to Port Hacking  just before brekky yesterday, there was a touch of a breeze but overall it was an ideal day for fishing. The action was mysteriously slow for what would be considered perfect conditions.  I used half of the squid that we caught on our previous trip as bait by lunch in hope for something significant. The squid attracted a horde of juvenile snapper, but nothing to write home about! The other half of the squid was greeted with the familiar rocking of a blue swimmer. As I slowly wound it up I saw what was by far the biggest blue swimmer I had seen! The crab slipped off the bait but fortunately got tangled in the line of my dad’s rod right next to it and I was able to bring it up.

Blue Swimmer

The blue swimmer measured approximately 25cm across the shell. I kept the blue swimmer and took it home for a steamed crab dinner.