Pittwater Charter (19-Sep-08)

Finally was able to head out on a charter that my girlfriend planned for my birthday way back in February. We headed down Pittwater way, where I have never fished before. Got there nice and early for the start at 5.30am after an hour drive. Met our charter skipper Peter who was keen on hooking us up with some kingfish action. After a bit of setting up, we headed for the shallows to hunt a few squid. They did not seem to be on the bite after visiting a few spots. The last spot we visited started to fire up. Hooked two in quick succession, one small calamari and one smaller arrow squid, perfect kingfish bait. Then on the last few casts, I hooked up on a big one. Took the drag out for a good 10 – 15m and gave a fair bit of a work out on the light gear. After a few minutes, I pulled up this beauty.

Squid from Pittwater

Squid from Pittwater

After getting some squid for bait, we rounded up a few yellowtail and then the captain took over to set everything up to downrig a squid and a yellowtail to try our luck at some kingies.

Downrigging at Pittwater

After a few hours of downrigging, and trolling around the shipwrecks, we were not able to manage any hits on our fresh bait. The captain has organised a make-up session in a few months time, so I’m looking forward to it.