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Big Trevally and lots of bait (16-Mar-2014)

So firstly, sincerest apologies, it has been about three years since I last posted. I guess that’s what happens when you start a family! There hasn’t been any shortage of fishing though, so I will look to blog about all the fishing during that time. So in this post, we caught a thumper trevally at about the 40cm mark and took home plenty of bait as we were running well short.

Squid and baitfish (8-Jul-12)

Freezing conditions and an early sunset have cut short our fishing trips, but we had a few hours before a 5pm sunset. I was able to hook up a few squid after a few goes, but only the two. One of them being a tiny calamari, a good sign for the months ahead. They don’t seem to school as much as in the summer. Towards sunset, we were able to get a few baitfish, a mixture of yellowtail and pilchards.

Mixed Bag (15-Oct-11)

The Spring weather was beginning to heat up and give rise to perfect conditions for the pelagics. We were getting plenty of baitfish first up, so it was a good sign. Dad had a live bait on and I was busy going for squid. So we didn’t have to wait for long for dad to hook up. He called it a salmon judging by the strong fight, yet not as strong as the kingfish.

Squid and baitfish (27-Sep-11)

So, it has been a long time between drinks (fishing posts), for which I must apologise for. In between planning a wedding, getting married, changing jobs and a honeymoon, I have been able to get in some good fishing but have not had time to add posts. Now that I have some time on my hands, I have a large backlog of posts to get through. A beautiful day for fishing full of sunshine and not a drop of wind.

Almost caught a cold

Went down to Gunnamatta today for a quick fish. The weather was warm but 25km/h winds, quite atrocious for fishing but decided to give it a go anyway. It was quiet from the get-go, with no a bite in sight as we approached high tide. After a fair bit of berley, and adjusting the height of the bait, there were quite a few yellowtail on offer. A few decent sized ones, and a few bait sized as well.