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A long time between drinks

So guys, sincerest apologies for not posting for so long, some things have come up and it has been hectic to say the least. I have still been getting plenty of emails, all of which I have (hopefully) attended to. I have also been out fishing in that time as well so I will add the posts in due time. In the meantime, I had noticed that most of the traffic to my site has come from tablets and mobiles, and so I have decided to pretty it up so that it is a bit more navigatable on all.

Catching some sunnies (16-Jan-11)

I went with a few old work mates on an early Sunday for a quick morning fish. I had a bucket full of yabbies on hope for some bream or whiting. We basically caught bream the whole day, but all were well undersized. We also used a bit of yellowtail in hope of a flathead. One of my mates managed to score a big blue swimmer crab on half a yellowtail, which was unlucky to get entangled in his line.

A sad day

Read an article in the paper a few weeks back that claimed that there will be an extended ban (now includes 5am – 10am) on fishing from some of the wharves along the Parramatta River, namely, Abbotsford, Cabarita, Chiswick and Kissing Point wharves. Shocked yet not surprised. The Parramatta River is a great place to fish, yet for the past few years, it was not recommended to take any fish west of the bridge.

A bit of everything..

Decided to have a fish with my dad as he had a day off. Went down to Wanda in hope of getting some beach worms to use live for some whiting. Unfortunately it was a bit swelly and kept getting smashed by waves. Beach worming is hard in itself, so I hope to share my experiences once I’ve mastered it! Then Gunnamatta Bay today for a quick fish. There were lots of people due to the APEC long weekend I’m guessing.