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Fishing Tip: Caring For Fish

There have been many posts about how to catch fish, but none about how to care for fish. Of course, in fishing, there is no way to not harm the fish in some way or another. As you become more addicted to the wonderful sport of fishing, you will think about ways to care for fish to let them fight another day and hopefully preserve fish stocks for our kids and grand kids to enjoy as well.

Fishing Tips: Bait Rig – Sliding Snell

Here’s a rig I always use for fishing with larger baits. It is called the sliding snell. It involves two hooks, one that is set (bottom one) and one that can be adjusted (ie. slide) along the line to the required length (top one). The sliding snell has numerous advantages over a single hook: For larger baits, weaving a single hook through it will generally curl up your trace. Furthermore, if you are using a relatively softer bait like pilchards, it will more likely break up if you weave through it.