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Some new gear (24-Sep-11)

So after two fantastic years at my current job, I decided it was a good time for me to move on. As a parting gift, the workmates chipped in to get some fishing stuff for me (thanks guys!) as they knew how much of a fanatic I was. So in between jobs, I have asked for a week off, so I’ll be trying to free up some time to do a bit of fishing as well.

How to choose fishing line

Monofilament Pros Price: A lot cheaper than braid, around $5-$15 a roll of 300m. Knot Tying: Easy to tie knots with Fluorocarbon: The flurocarbon version is near invisble in the water, which is perfect to use as trace for soft plastics. Cons Stretch: The main difference between the two is the line sensitivity which mono lacks, meaning you be too late on a strike. Memory: The line gets curly coming off the reel and after undo-ing tangles, which makes it susceptible to “bird’s nests” (you’ll know what I am talking about when you encounter it!

How to choose a fishing reel

There are two main types of fishing reels out in the market: Spinning Reels Baitcaster Reels Spinning Spinning reels are the more commonly used reels. They are basically easier and cheaper than the baitcasters. There are many variations of the spinning reel, including rear drag, and Shimano’s famous baitrunner to name a few. There is the added advantage of having removable spools so that you can use different line for a different purpose on the same reel.

New set up

Decided to make an impulse buy on the weekend and set myself up with a beach rig. To date, I have mainly been using two 7ft rigs, one for plastics and one for bait fishing / squid jigging rated at 2-4kg and 3-6kg respectively. They have been doing their job quite well, but I have been planning to tackle the Jewfish in the coming winter months and obviously my existing rigs won’t cut it.