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Squid bonanza and a bonus bream (27-Jan-2016)

So we are just taking advantage of it being in season, we managed another good bag of squid. It was again firing and didn’t take too long to get around 15. We also put some fresh strips of squid out in hope for something bigger and we managed to catch a legal bream. This one was near 30cm

Australia Day squid jackpot (26-Jan-2016)

So the place was crowded as most places are on Australia Day but great conditions for fishing. Got a great haul of 12 squid on the day in pretty quick time as well. They make a fantastic bait as they are hard to chew through but also great to eat as well, whether it be salt and pepper or crumbed.

More squid (24-Jan-2016)

Much of the same as the day before. Beautiful conditions but no fishing around. Caught some squid but they were hard work! You can see the suction power of the tentacles in the picture, which is how they go about attacking their prey

Mixed bag of squid (23-Jan-2016)

The warm weather continued on to another fine summer day, but there weren’t any fish about. Some small baitfish eventually came in but no luck on catching anything bigger. I switched over to the squid jig and caught a mix of squid. There were 7 arrow squid and two Southern Calamari. You can tell the calamari apart by the beautiful green eyes. Currently in NSW there is no size limit on squid but a bag limit of 20.

Huge Australian Salmon (17-Jan-2016)

The weather was fantastic and we could see a lot of surface action with the bubbling water suggesting something was chasing the baitfish. We loaded up some live baitfish and waited patiently. There was not much going on for a while until our reel took off! After a short fight and a couple of characteristic jumps, it was obvious that it was a bruiser Australian Salmon. It measured around the 75cm mark.

Some more arrow squid (14-Jan-2016)

Given the success of the previous day. Took the squid jig back out to and scored the bigger sized arrow squid. You can tell they are arrows by the flaps only going up to the middle of the body, hence looking like an arrow. The bigger relative the south calamari have flaps that go up to the head and large green eyes. They are quite hard to come by though.

School of squid and a leather jacket (13-Jan-2016)

So another scorcher in the Sydney summer. The warm weather must have brought about the squid as well! It was firing from the get-go as we managed a school of about 10 squid one after another and a consolation leather jacket! They are delicious pan-fried, but quite cumbersome to prepare. The skin is quite hard to strip and quite rough like leather, hence the name. You generally do not target leather jacket, but if they’re on, they are usually just under your feet!

Big Southern Calamari and Bream (15-Apr-13)

So the Autumn weather had arrived together with the end of daylight savings, which made for some chilly sunsets and early days. But the cold weather also bring in some big squid as well. Knowing this, we concentrated our efforts on some squid jigging. I would normally go the smallest size I can get to target the bait sized squid as well, but I switched to a slightly larger model, a 2.

Squid and Flathead (18-Feb-13)

So the flathead have been around as was the case in the previous post. It is good to know that a particular species is around so that you can target them. Flathead are quite easy to catch, but not quite in abundance. They are bottom feeders and are very well camouflaged with the muddy and sandy bottoms. A standard rig we would use is a bit of lead on a live or fresh bait with about a 50cm trace.

Australia Day squid (26-Jan-13)

After last week’s success with the squid jig, we decided to concentrate on squid again this time around. We jigged for a long time for a total of 3 squid, one of them being a pretty decent southern calamari. Have to get them while they are around, they’re not as abundant as the arrow squid!