Category Slimy Mackerel

Fishing charter (12-Feb-12)

Your buck’s day, traditionally to celebrate your last day of “freedom”, but I took it as another excuse to go fishing! We went with the good guys at All At Sea. You may remember that my first trip with these guys was ironically for my mate’s bucks, and this one he organised for me. So we had 8 on board and it was a pretty good to go to out. There were a few fishing newbies that I had strongly suggested to take some Travacalm to ensure we have no travel sickness issues as I have seen far too many times.

Slimy Mackerel back in town! (30-Apr-2011)

Went with dad in the morning for what we were hoping would be a dry few hours. The rain was bucketing down as we were driving there and we were thinking about turning back. We went on and to our surprise, the weather cleared as we hit our spot! Within the first couple of casts, something substantial hit us at speed! It was a slimy mackerel, the first in a while!

Fishing with a work mate (2-May-10)

Decided to take an old work mate for a day’s worth of yabby pumping and fishing. Low tide was at an inconvenient 3pm, so I had forewarned him that yabby pumping was going to be a challenge. We went to our spot at about 1pm and the water was still about ankle deep to shore, making the pumping quite difficult in knee deep water. After wasting about a good half hour there we only managed the one yabby and a handful of soldier crabs.

Slimy Mackerel and Squid in Port Hacking (09-Aug-2009)

Went for a quiet fish on a windy Sunday down at the hacking. Lots of baitfish activity around and a few Slimy Mackerel around. The Slimys weren’t biting that much, managed just the two: Decided to target the squid for a bit and hit a hot zone. Managed 11 squid in about 20 mins: Could’ve managed more, but just took enough for bait for the next few weeks. Sorry guys, can’t give this spot out, due to the possibility of it being overfished!