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Port Hacking baitfish (3-Aug-08)

Went with dad armed with a big berley bucket and couple of baitfish rigs. Conditions were very calm which made it an ease in catching bait fish. There was a mixed bag of slimy mackerel, yellowtail and the occasional garfish. We cut up a few fresh ones there and threw out some blocks. Resulted in some nice but undersized snapper. Also tried a few live, but no touches.

Port Hacking Squid (23-Mar-08)

After a good day on the Georges, decided to go for some night time squid. Went down with my brother to Port Hacking armed with a bag of squid jigs. I heard it was not too good to squid on a full moon, but decided to test the myth anyway. Within the first 10 casts we caught these two beauties.

Dolan's Bay

Went down for a quick fish on high tide at Dolan’s Bay. Water was amazingly clear after a few days of sunshine, and the weather was overcast. Tried an array of baits including yellowtail, squid, prawns and even soft plastics and hard body lures. There were plenty of fish around, mainly small ones though. Dad got smoked by something that took him out about 50 metres and snapped the hook off.

Whiting Part 2 (30-Dec-07)

Went with my old man to chase the whiting again after he saw the results of my previous outing. Pumped the yabbies at around 5pm and headed down to Port Hacking at about 7.30pm to fish until about end of sunset which was about 9pm. On my second cast I brought up this nice sized whiting: Unfortunately not much for the rest of the day, and my dad managed to hook himself somehow after he tried to free a hooked yellowtail.

Squid on tonight's menu (26-Dec-07)

Decided to take advantage of the Boxing Day holiday and take the girlfriend and her brother to have a quick fish down at Port Hacking. Went to pump a few yabbies on sunset the day before and were kept alive on an aerator. Took the yabbies down in hope to catch a few bream and whiting. There were a lot of bites but mainly small snapper, bream and whiting, nothing near legal size.

Thumper Whiting (16-Dec-07)

Went to target some whiting after pumping some yabbies on sunset days earlier. Decided to go early in the morning down to Port Hacking as I knew there would be a lot of people around with the Christmas break. Reached my destination at 9am, armed with only about 10 yabbies and about an hour’s worth of fishing. Had a few bites with little hook ups while leaving the rod resting on the rail.

First catch on a soft plastic

Went for a quick fish down at Port Hacking and only brought squid jigs and soft plastics. Fairly new to the game of soft plastics but I have been very impressed with reading about the results of using them so I decided to give them a go myself. I bought a whole lot of different ones. I have two packs of Berkley Gulps and a few packs of Ecogear after a few recommendations from the guys down at BCF.

Kayak Fishing

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. Reason is because I bought a new kayak! It is a Hobie Revolution and is built with fishing in mind. It set me back about $2500, more than enough for a 2nd hand tinny, but has its advantages of taking it around yourself without the need for a trailer and boat license, rego etc. Have not caught anything from it as of yet, only taken it out for a spin twice, but looking forward to posting some catches in the near future.

Almost caught a cold

Went down to Gunnamatta today for a quick fish. The weather was warm but 25km/h winds, quite atrocious for fishing but decided to give it a go anyway. It was quiet from the get-go, with no a bite in sight as we approached high tide. After a fair bit of berley, and adjusting the height of the bait, there were quite a few yellowtail on offer. A few decent sized ones, and a few bait sized as well.

A fine spring day.

Went down with a mate to Port Hacking, beautiful weather and high tide, perfect conditions. There were tons of yellowtail which we caught a few of and put these on live for no result at all. As my mate had to leave at about 4pm, we decided to give the squid jigs a go. My mate found a few small ones (about the size of our palm) floating around but were very timid.