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Fishing with a work mate (2-May-10)

Decided to take an old work mate for a day’s worth of yabby pumping and fishing. Low tide was at an inconvenient 3pm, so I had forewarned him that yabby pumping was going to be a challenge. We went to our spot at about 1pm and the water was still about ankle deep to shore, making the pumping quite difficult in knee deep water. After wasting about a good half hour there we only managed the one yabby and a handful of soldier crabs.

Nice by-catches (24-Jan-10)

Went for a quick afternoon fish down on the Port Hacking on an overcast Sunday. The water was surprisingly calm and the weather was great for fishing. There weren’t many fish on the bite, only the occasional small tailor. Switched over to soft plastics for a while without much success. On one retrieval, I had a dead weight on it, in which I thought was a crab. Left it down there for a while longer and it came on again and latched on with the unmistakable pumping action of a squid.

Squid on a squid? (26-Dec-09)

Down to the Hacking for a fish on Boxing Day. It was wet, cold and windy and all of the above! The fishing was slow, had a fair bit of bait fish around, which we threw out both live and fillets. Not much on those, except for a few crabs that fell off on bringing them up to the surface. Conditions were making it uncomfortable to fish, so I changed over to the squid jig.

A couple of squid (20-Dec-09)

Went down to Port Hacking warm yet windy summer day. The fish were hard to come by as the lines were going all over the place due to the wind. Our baits were getting smashed by some peckers, possibly small snapper. Decided to change tactics and put on some hardy squid instead. The squid lasted a lot longer than the fish baits, but were still getting taken by the small ones.

Port Hacking (6-Dec-2009)

On a windy Sunday, couldn’t find anyone free, so went down to the Hacking myself for a quick session. Decided to use plastics and jig for squid. I tried the beachworm Gulp along some sandflats first. Got a few nibbles and eventually got a small snapper (around the 20cm mark). Put the plastics away and then brought out the squid jigs towards sunset. Managed to hook up on 4. Hopefully will be using these soon for the next jewfish session.

Top Jewie bait (9-May-09)

Apologies for the break between posts. The weather has not been the best hence the lack of fishing trips. Went down to the hacking to try to get some squid. Hoping to take up a hunt for jewfish in the winter months. The squid was hard going for two small arrows in about an hours worth of jigging. Tried another spot for a “last cast” and ended up with two more southern calamari.

Squid on a barb (19-Jan-08)

Went for an early morning session down at the Hacking. Arrived at the bait grounds with lots of yellowtail about. There was not much else apart from the occasional tailor or bream. Tried a yellowtail for live bait. The bait got smashed after about 5 mins; not sure by what, but the top half got chomped, either by a squid or crab. I left the other half out there and on another rod, put a yellowtail on a barb and threw that out hoping to score a squid.

Squid (12-Oct-2008)

Went back to Port Hacking in search for some bait for my planned day on the kayak the next day. Conditions were quite windy and there was not much baitfish around. Handed a squid jig to my girlfriend who managed these beauties. Also caught a 32cm mullet towards the end of the day. Had to trade her the mullet for 2 squid for the next day.

Bumper Bream (11-Oct-2008)

First of all, apologies for the delay on posts, been quite busy with work lately. Went down to the Hacking for a fish with dad. As the weather has been slowly warming up, plenty of baitfish about in the Hacking. In particular, some good sized slimy mackerel to about 25cm. Be sure to use a flexible rod and a light (or no) sinker and use a small hook with a bit of pilchard.

Red Gurnard (24-Aug-08)

Down to Port Hacking again for a quick fish. Bait fish were on, and not much wind around. Conditions were perfect. Caught a mixed bag of pilchards, slimy mackerel, yellowtail and a few gar. Put out a few pilchard blocks for some small bream and snapper. Later on in the afternoon, the line took off on a pilchard tail! There was not much fight, but felt quite heavy. My guess was a sting ray.