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Pittwater Charter Part 2 (27-Dec-2008)

Went for the 2nd leg of our Pittwater charter (see previous post here). The day started off at about 5am very foggy, so foggy in fact that we could barely see 10 metres in front of us. We had to wait for at least an hour before we could head off shore. The plan was to pick up some yellowtail and head out to Long Reef. Apparently the fishing was that good that live yellowtail was all we needed.

Pittwater Charter (19-Sep-08)

Finally was able to head out on a charter that my girlfriend planned for my birthday way back in February. We headed down Pittwater way, where I have never fished before. Got there nice and early for the start at 5.30am after an hour drive. Met our charter skipper Peter who was keen on hooking us up with some kingfish action. After a bit of setting up, we headed for the shallows to hunt a few squid.