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School Holiday Fun (18-Dec-10)

It was the first weekend of the school holidays so I decided to take my cousin for a day out. We initially went to the park to have a kick of the footy, but decided to for a fish, something he had not since he was about 3 years old (currently 11). We dusted off the yabby pump, but couldn’t find the rubber part and the washer! So we raced down to K-mart for a quick purchase.

Georges River Bream (12-Dec-2009)

It was a sunny yet windy Saturday afternoon, hoping to catch some Blackfish with dad before sunset. Got to our spot at around 5:30pm with about 1 and a half hours for our session. Brought our green weed out only to find that it had gone off! Did not expect to have any hits on it, but gave it a go anyway. After about half an hour of inactivity, dad decided to change over to some bread under the float in hope for some bream.

Blackfish Part II (31-Oct-2009)

Continuing on my quest for Blackfish, I headed down to Georges River again. Nearing sunset, I decided to go with dad to pick up some seaweed and head down for a quick half hour fish. Didn’t expect too much action in half an hour. First cast was a down, after striking the fish went ballistic and I could tell it was definitely a keeper. Bringing it up to the surface, I could tell it was well over 30cm and my 6lb line was not going to hold.

Blackfish Part I (26-Oct-2009)

Read some reports of blackfish making an appearance in Georges River. I had a week off between changing jobs so took a Monday to give them a go. Surprisingly, we went down to the spot and there was already someone down there even on a cold and rainy Monday. It was pretty tough going with no bites for a few hours and then the rain became heavier. The others left and we stayed there for a bit longer.

Soft Plastics session on Georges River

Atrocious weather for the last two weeks, and so I have not been able to get out for a decent fish of late. The rain was a bit on and off today, so being better safe than sorry we decided to have a quick session down under the Captain Cook’s bridge. I decided not to get my hands dirty on bait, so I gave the soft plastics a go. I recently bought a new pack of Berkley Gulp!

Golden Trevally (9-Aug-08)

Armed with a good bag of fresh baitfish we caught the week before, dad went down to Georges River for a go. He managed these two bumper golden trevally on blocks of slimy mackerel. The larger one was about 38cm and the smaller about 32cm.

Georges River Bream (23-Mar-08)

Went for a quick afternoon session with Dad down on the Georges. We were off rocks and just using floats to catch some baitfish and whatever was on offer. As it was the day after full moon, the fish seemed very active. After casting out further to only hit a school of Tailor, I decided to try a few close in, literally about 2 metres in front of me. I saw the float go down slowly and after setting the hook, it took off!


Been with my old man down to Georges River to catch some blackfish (sorry I have been asked to keep this spot to myself). It is a completely different style of fishing, and requires a bit more finesse. The set up is quite different (I will post some pics in the near future) and just about the only bait that will work is green weed (or cabbage). They like to stick around structures and along weed beds so you can get them quite close to the wharves and pylons.