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Flathead and Flounder (9-Feb-13)

After watching a few guys catch a few flounder last week, we decided to give it a go ourselves. We figured it was flounder season so we changed our rigs to keep the bait at the bottom. The rig was a running sinker straight down to the hook and we used the fresh squid in strips that we had caught the previous week. So it was flounder season indeed as we hooked up on two in quick succession.

Squid and Flounder (20-Sep-10)

Due to the success of previous weeks with squid, I decided to give the squid a go early. I caught a small one to put out live without success. After about half an hour of unsuccessful jigging, I finally managed a decent sized squid. I decided to give up on the jigging and use the fresh squid as bait, cut up in to small rings. The action died down towards high tide.

First catch on a soft plastic

Went for a quick fish down at Port Hacking and only brought squid jigs and soft plastics. Fairly new to the game of soft plastics but I have been very impressed with reading about the results of using them so I decided to give them a go myself. I bought a whole lot of different ones. I have two packs of Berkley Gulps and a few packs of Ecogear after a few recommendations from the guys down at BCF.

First Flounder!

Found some more random pics on my old computer. Here’s a picture of my first flounder. Caught it down in Port Hacking on some live bait, not sure what the baitfish was, looked like something in between a pilchard and a poddy mullet. Was quite disappointed with the fight, felt like a sting ray but at least it was something edible. Gave it to some other fishers there.