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Desperate for weed (20-Oct-12)

Seaweed that is.. So after daylight savings comes around, we like to head down to the closest river after work before sunset to try for some blackfish. The hard part is trying to find seaweed for bait. We searched around some drains and it looks like the local council may have treated the areas to get rid of the weed. We saw some weed hanging off a branch near a drain but was fenced off and out of reach.

Some new fishing gear (2-Nov-12)

My brother returned from his trip to Japan with quite a lot of fishing goodies. Squid jigs of all sizes, a couple of packs of soft plastics and a whole bunch of bait fish hooks. These hooks are pretty automatic catching baitfish. They are basically hooks that are tied on to a very light trace that you can just tie straight on to your swivel. Here’s a close up of the larger squid jigs:

Tying line on to a spool

I have had a few questions in the past about how to put your line on to a spool (the part of the reel that holds the line). So here we go: You only need the bottom half of your rod. Put your reel on and thread your line through the first hoop. If you choose to use braid, fill about half the reel with mono. Pull the bail arm back and wind a few loops on the line and put the line through the loops and tighten the line to form a noose.