Being raised in a city blessed with such wonderful weather, it is easy to understand why fishing has become one of my favourite past times. One of the difficulties fishing in Sydney, especially if you do not own a boat, is to not only find a good place to fish, but to know what type of fish there are and what type of bait to use. I originally created a fishing website in 2002, but unfortunately lost it with a change of ISP, but in the time that it was up I had a lot of feedback so I hope this site can do the same and provide some useful information for all you fellow fishing enthusiasts. There were 2 main reasons why I decided to create this website:

  • To show amateur fishers the basics, from an amateur’s point of view.
  • To show those of us who can not afford the luxury of owning a boat, where to catch some decent fish.

Please feel free to browse the site.


NOTE: To fish in Sydney (or NSW for that matter), you are required to obtain a fishing license. Click here to find out more details. Please also be aware of bag and size limits. Do us all fishers a favour and only take what you need and what’s of legal size. More information can be found here.