Couple of squid (1-May-2011)

I haven’t really been targeting the squid of late, so I decided to pretty much spend the whole day squidding as the weather was pretty good and there was not much wind about. One of the differences this time around was that I changed the lead to about 2m of fluoro tied straight to braid, to hopefully give it a more natural action. My first couple of casts, I’m on for a few squid. There was not much method to it, just cast out and let it sink down to the bottom and a couple of winds later the squid was already on. The way in which the squid jigs were attacked suggested that they were feeding at the right time. In another few hours worth of squidding, I caught 5 squid all up. All of them were arrow squid and were at about the 20cm mark. Here are two of the ones I caught:

I also some how managed to catch this tiny cuttlefish going at about 12 cm! Released safely back in to the water.

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