Squid on a squid? (26-Dec-09)

Down to the Hacking for a fish on Boxing Day. It was wet, cold and windy and all of the above! The fishing was slow, had a fair bit of bait fish around, which we threw out both live and fillets. Not much on those, except for a few crabs that fell off on bringing them up to the surface. Conditions were making it uncomfortable to fish, so I changed over to the squid jig. After a few casts, I was able to draw in some small jigs, much too small for the size jig I was using so I changed over to a smaller sized jig. I caught this squid on the next cast, which ironically did not take the bigger jig:

As the jig is a small one and designed for mainly surface squid with a slow sinking action, I put a small sinker on it to get it to sink down. This does affect the action of the jig, but gets it in the zone. We decided to use the squid fresh to see if we could get a bream or flathead. No fish bites apart from the odd annoying crab. Then a strip of squid was taken by something small that set off a bit of the drag. After striking the rod, there was not much movement, but more of a dead weight that twitched every now and then. I was surprised to see that a squid had latched on to it and had managed to hook itself on my circle hook!:

I was not aware of the squid’s cannibal tendencies! Not much else for the rest of the day.

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