22-Aug-2007 – A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work

After working a long weekend and earning some time in lieu, I decided to go fish with my brother on my day off. Went down to Port Hacking to target some squid. Was surprised to see lots of baitfish around. Caught a lot of yellowtail and the one pilchard. Caught 2 squid at about 4pm and decided to take it to another spot to try get something bigger without luck. Good to see the baitfish plentiful after the rain.

Here’s a video of me catching the first squid, apologies for the dodgy camera work. You will notice that the video fades away as it nears the end, after I tell my brother there is another one right next to it!……..

….. unfortunately he was too slow, and I was on again. Here’s the video of the 2nd one. Notice the camera shake in the middle, my brother got squirted as you’ll see, fortunately it was only water. Towards the end of the video, you will see why I say you should point the squid away from you when you land it.

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