A long time between drinks

So guys, sincerest apologies for not posting for so long, some things have come up and it has been hectic to say the least. I have still been getting plenty of emails, all of which I have (hopefully) attended to. I have also been out fishing in that time as well so I will add the posts in due time. In the meantime, I had noticed that most of the traffic to my site has come from tablets and mobiles, and so I have decided to pretty it up so that it is a bit more navigatable on all. I have also a few things in the pipeline to improve the site, so watch this space! Tight lines!

Flathead and Flounder (9-Feb-13)

After watching a few guys catch a few flounder last week, we decided to give it a go ourselves. We figured it was flounder season so we changed our rigs to keep the bait at the bottom. The rig was a running sinker straight down to the hook and we used the fresh squid in strips that we had caught the previous week. So it was flounder season indeed as we hooked up on two in quick succession. These were decent size ones at about 30cm. They are fantastic tasting fish cooked in the style of deep fried salt and pepper (check it out at your local Chinese restaurant if you haven’t tried!). As a tip, use circle hooks and they will hook the lip perfectly to allow for easy hook removal. The gameplan of keeping the bait at the bottom was able to attract a nice by-catch of a decent sized salmon as well at about the 40cm mark.


Australia Day squid (26-Jan-13)

After last week’s success with the squid jig, we decided to concentrate on squid again this time around. We jigged for a long time for a total of 3 squid, one of them being a pretty decent southern calamari. Have to get them while they are around, they’re not as abundant as the arrow squid!

First squid of the season (20-Jan-12)

So another warm Summer’s day and there was plenty of activity in the water. Most fish were undersized bream with the occasional bait fish. Swapped the rigs over for a squid jig and after a fair bit of time jigging we managed to get the two, one smaller one perfect for bait.

First Cobia! (17-Dec-12)

The weather was heating up for the peak of Summer but surprisingly not many fish around. Tried many different baits including live and cubes. Towards the end of the day, one of the cubes got taken by something fierce, yet unrecognisable. We were surprised to catch our first cobia!

A relatively small one compared to the ones we see on TV, but good to see them around as they normally reside in deeper waters. Good eating and no size limit. Just a reminder to check with your local fisheries on size limits before you take anything home!