Almost caught a cold

Went down to Gunnamatta today for a quick fish. The weather was warm but 25km/h winds, quite atrocious for fishing but decided to give it a go anyway. It was quiet from the get-go, with no a bite in sight as we approached high tide. After a fair bit of berley, and adjusting the height of the bait, there were quite a few yellowtail on offer. A few decent sized ones, and a few bait sized as well. This one was slightly larger at about 20cm:

yellowtail from Gunnamatta Bay

Tried a few of the smaller ones live for no result. Had a few bites and one was taken, but I think it was by a crab. Switched over to the squid jigs, but wind was terrible for casting and no squid about.

A fine spring day.

Went down with a mate to Port Hacking, beautiful weather and high tide, perfect conditions. There were tons of yellowtail which we caught a few of and put these on live for no result at all. As my mate had to leave at about 4pm, we decided to give the squid jigs a go. My mate found a few small ones (about the size of our palm) floating around but were very timid. He was finally able to bring one up after much jigging. I decided to change over to a day time Yo-zuri jig and I was able to catch one on my second cast.

Squid caught in Port Hacking on a day time jig

We put one on live, for no result yet again. Live squid! And not one single bite! I think we will have to start taking some of our livies to the beach, or down to Lilli Pilli.

A bit of everything..

Decided to have a fish with my dad as he had a day off. Went down to Wanda in hope of getting some beach worms to use live for some whiting. Unfortunately it was a bit swelly and kept getting smashed by waves. Beach worming is hard in itself, so I hope to share my experiences once I’ve mastered it! Then Gunnamatta Bay today for a quick fish. There were lots of people due to the APEC long weekend I’m guessing. There was quite a lot of activity in the water as well, possibly due to the recent rain. Caught lots of baitfish, yellowtail and pilchards and the one squid, and dad somehow caught a blue swimmer on a hook somehow. Tried live bait of the ones we caught but no interest.

First Kingfish!

Another pic I found recently. This was caught last year at my mate’s bucks night as he is also a keen fisherman. Sorry, I lied about being all land-based, here’s my first off shore boating experience.

Kingfish off AllAtSea charter in Port Hacking

There was a bit of a fight, but quite disappointed with size of my first one, I’ve caught yellowtail almost as big! Anyway, I should give a mention to the crew we went with, called All At Sea. Had a great trip, skippered by a guy named Roland. We saw a pod of dolphins on the way back which was a bonus.

First Flounder!

Found some more random pics on my old computer. Here’s a picture of my first flounder. Caught it down in Port Hacking on some live bait, not sure what the baitfish was, looked like something in between a pilchard and a poddy mullet. Was quite disappointed with the fight, felt like a sting ray but at least it was something edible. Gave it to some other fishers there.

Flounder caught at Port Hacking