Fishing Spots

Here is a list of some of the better landbased fishing spots throughout Sydney for which I have been to and a brief run-down on each of the places. I will be adding some more details soon, maps, images etc. Please feel free to send me some spots that you may have tried and I’ll add it to the list!

Port Hacking

Gunnamatta Bay

One of my favourite places to fish. Reasons being: it is a comfortable place to fish with seats and a long jetty and there an abundance of fish there. A lot of people go there just to catch baitfish (yellowtail and pilchards) to use as bait elsewhere. There are also plenty of bream, tailor, flathead, leather jackets and I have even seen the odd school of salmon.

Lilli Pilli

A secluded and small place, but with plenty of big fish on offer. Fresh is always best, with live and fresh bait working wonders. I have witnessed some big bream, whiting and flathead caught here. It is a very popular spot to fish so you have to be early to get yourself a spot! There is also a rock pool, toilets and parking nearby.

Parramatta River

Gladesville Wharf

Arguably the best place in Sydney to catch the elusive jewfish. I have witnessed near 10 caught there over a span of about a year. Remember to go after 9pm (time of last ferry) as it is quite a hassle with the boats coming in. Live yellowtail (which can be caught there) and fresh squid are best as bait, but remember to use a 12ft rod and matching reel and at least 30lb line. There are some nice sized bream there as well.

Cabarita Wharf

A big wharf with lots of open area and bright lights. Same deal as Gladesville, best to go after the last ferry. Lots of space for casting. Have not caught much there myself but I have seen some nice bream caught there and some squid due to the lights.

Georges River

Tom Ugly’s Bridge

Very popular place for fishing which is always busy on the weekends. The main advantage is that you can park your car pretty much where you cast, so it’s a perfect place to fish late at night. Unfortunately I have not caught much there myself and quite a few snags there due to the rocks underneath. Some bream and tailor there.

Captain Cook’s Bridge

Another popular place to fish, with it being labelled a place for jewfish. Seems like they stick near the pylons though as I have only seen the one caught from the boat let off. Good place to cast, as it is an open area on a floating boat let off, but also bad because there’s a constant metal-on-metal screeching sound from the platform moving up and down.

Georges River National Park

Quite a good place to take the family with picnic areas and a small sandy beach area on low tide. There are lots of bream, mainly small ones, and the occasional flathead. Watch out for the speedboats and jetskis that constantly go through that area!

Botany Bay

Brighton-Le-Sands Beach

Nice place to fish where the waves are not too heavy, hence not as busy either. Caught a few nice sized snapper there before but have only been there a handful of times. Make sure you have beach gear, ie. a rod of at least 10ft so you can fling it out a bit and a rod holder will allow you to fish in comfort.

Third Runway

Just down General Holmes Dr past Kyeemagh, there is a man-made rock path that goes out right at the start of Cooks River. Bit of a mixed bag. Seems like a very popular place to fish, but have not seen or caught anything too significant. Although I did see some guy who bagged about 15 legal tailor in the space of about half an hour. Not the most comfortable place to fish as you have to balance off rocks and I have seen the odd rat running around through the rocks, although there is a place to park nearby.

La Perouse

More of a place to take your girlfriend rather than to go fish, but seems a very popular place for fishers. The only thing is, it is off rocks and the waves get fairly strong when the tide changes so it’s not the safest place. Though I did see once towards the middle of the loop road past the fort where the water comes in, a big school of pilchards that were being attacked by salmon, and a guy was casting a chrome lure in and brought up two in a matter of minutes.

Sydney Harbour

Jeffrey St / Beulah St Wharf

Great view for fishing, right next to the Harbour Bridge. Quite a good place to catch yellowtail and squid. I have even heard of the occasional jewfish there, but have not tried myself. Would not be surprised judging by the size of the yellowtail there, a lot larger than average. Again with the wharves, best to go after the last ferry.

Port Jackson

Clifton Gardens

A beautiful place down Mosman way where Chowder Bay is. Huge parkland and a massive jetty which surrounds a public pool. As you could imagine, a really popular place, so the weekends should be busy. The parking is quite expensive as well, at around the $6/hour mark. Try parking up on the streets and walk down if you intend to stay the day. The water is quite deep there so a large variety of fish including trevally, bream, yellowtail, kingfish and even garfish. Great place to take the family for a picnic as well!