A long time between drinks

So guys, sincerest apologies for not posting for so long, some things have come up and it has been hectic to say the least. I have still been getting plenty of emails, all of which I have (hopefully) attended to. I have also been out fishing in that time as well so I will add the posts in due time. In the meantime, I had noticed that most of the traffic to my site has come from tablets and mobiles, and so I have decided to pretty it up so that it is a bit more navigatable on all. I have also a few things in the pipeline to improve the site, so watch this space! Tight lines!

Catching some sunnies (16-Jan-11)

I went with a few old work mates on an early Sunday for a quick morning fish. I had a bucket full of yabbies on hope for some bream or whiting. We basically caught bream the whole day, but all were well undersized. We also used a bit of yellowtail in hope of a flathead. One of my mates managed to score a big blue swimmer crab on half a yellowtail, which was unlucky to get entangled in his line. It was missing a claw, but still provided a decent feed. (Sorry no picture!).  Nothing much else for the rest of the day. Here was a unique catch from my work mate that I have never caught before. A pair of sunglasses!

A sad day

Read an article in the paper a few weeks back that claimed that there will be an extended ban (now includes 5am – 10am) on fishing from some of the wharves along the Parramatta River, namely, Abbotsford, Cabarita, Chiswick and Kissing Point wharves. Shocked yet not surprised. The Parramatta River is a great place to fish, yet for the past few years, it was not recommended to take any fish west of the bridge. Most ferry wharves along the Parra river are filled with people fishing after the last ferry at around 9 pm. The wharves not only provide adequate lighting but also shelter for those who wish to brave the rain. I have personally witnessed a lot of rubbish left at the scene, and overflowing rubbish bins, not to mention the smelly bait left in a half open bin. Not the ideal environment you want to leave for the disembarking passengers! Just a friendly reminder to clean up after yourselves if you’re fishing a publicly accessible place such as a wharf. We wouldn’t want to ruin it for the rest of us by having the places banned from fishing altogether!

A bit of everything..

Decided to have a fish with my dad as he had a day off. Went down to Wanda in hope of getting some beach worms to use live for some whiting. Unfortunately it was a bit swelly and kept getting smashed by waves. Beach worming is hard in itself, so I hope to share my experiences once I’ve mastered it! Then Gunnamatta Bay today for a quick fish. There were lots of people due to the APEC long weekend I’m guessing. There was quite a lot of activity in the water as well, possibly due to the recent rain. Caught lots of baitfish, yellowtail and pilchards and the one squid, and dad somehow caught a blue swimmer on a hook somehow. Tried live bait of the ones we caught but no interest.

18-Aug-2007 – Official website live date.

I have decided to use a blog to keep a track of my fishing events, currently using WordPress and seems to be working great so far. So apologies for the back-dated entries.
Hi all, finally got this site up and running, still having a bit of trouble getting this site to register on search engines, so I hope you can get to this site somehow. Still a bit bare at this point in time. Would like to add more images and tips when I get some spare time.